The People's Wall located in Historic Germantown at 18 Church Lane Philadelphia, PA 19144 will serve as a changing mural series & "free wall" giving space to artists marginalized by traditional art spaces while serving as free arts education space to all.

The People's Wall is a "Free Wall" and Community space ran by Ourchive dedicated to providing free arts education and community to artists marginalized by traditional art spaces.
The People's Wall is located in Historic Germantown at 18 E Church Lane Philadelphia, PA 19144
Bi-Monthly we will also be hosting 3 sponsored artist to create murals under a theme Ourchive will supported by workshops around street art and activism for free to then be uploaded on our website for accessibility.
The October Theme is "Revolution from Femmes of Color"
We are excited to announce of 1st cohort of amazing artists:
Allegra Yvonne Gia
Sonia Leayle Galiber
What is a "Free Wall"? Glad you asked :)
A Free Wall is a designated public wall or space allowing all who come in contact with it to paint or write under the theme or regulations of the stewarding organization or person.
Free Walls around the world are used to create social change, social awareness, community engagement and creativity.
We are excited to bring that essence to Germantown and Philadelphia in our own special way.
We are asking you to help us get the supplies to prep the wall and lot for public enjoyment as well as supportive supplies for artists and community members who will call "The People's Wall" home. We hope you call "The People's Wall" home.